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Unfortunately, I think any developer capable enough to work with such a standard is also the same developer pushing for OpenID logins. "Just use OpenID, damnit" will quickly become "Just use standard login/password registration forms, damnit." But frameworks auto-generating username/password stuff will be slow to migrate, or old UIs that integrate across multiple non-browser mediums will *never* migrate, or... you get my drift. I say we just push harder for OpenID.
"Net Neutrality" destroys innovation. Sure, a big dumb pipe sounds fun, but what if the only way to get YouTube to rural areas is to treat streaming video differently than the bits being sent to update someone's push email? What about VoIP, or Skype? If you don't like the railroad, buy some road and lay your own tracks. If you can't turn a profit and get investors, then no one wants your railroad anyway. Yes, we should pressure companies to "not be evil" via boycotts, information campaigns, and buying from competitors. Federal legislation is not the means of achieving this goal, however, as it restricts innovation and prevents technological growth we can't imagine today. Keep your regulations out of my Internet. Please.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2011 on The Importance of Net Neutrality at Coding Horror
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Feb 14, 2011