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Stefano Borini
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Not a chance. I stick with the paper, thanks.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
A bit more about my point of view:
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on Microformats: Boon or Bane? at Coding Horror
I hear your point. I'm programming in academia, totally and completely alone. It takes a lot of discipline to make things happen. Programming is a collaborative effort. If you take that away, it's rather dull, because you don't learn anything. it's just you, your problems, and your documentation. On this regard, StackOverflow had another great advantage: it made me feel less alone in my work. As a developer with a problem, not having any colleague to talk with, but having the SO community at a quick click of a button was precious.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on On Working Remotely at Coding Horror
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Mar 24, 2010