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Jason Ferguson Jake Long/Vernon Carey/Jake Grove Pat White (wild cat formation) When Ferguson stands two opposing linemen straight up on a double team Wow! So many times last year Jake and Vernon blocked their opposing lineman to null forward progress that it was overlooked, except in the contracts given out and a pro-bowl for Jake, I predict Vernon and Jake will have book-end pro-bowl years. Although Grove and White haven't played a down for the Dolphins their U-tube Video is proof enough of their dominance. It wasn’t so long ago that a lot of the ink that was being spread in the Sports Pages was about our inefficient, suspect O Line. Watching Satale last year he seemed over matched a lot it was no surprise he was traded to Oakland. The 3 Offensive linemen I named predicate a lot of promise to a successful upcoming season. Honestly how long has it been when FinFans could one say we feel this great about our O-Line? Pat White running WildPat is going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for coaches and defensive coordinators starting with Atlanta. Dominance can transcend to making teammates better, picture single coverage for our receivers in the redzone because of Pat White under center. Our Draft was mocked by the talking head pundits at espn and fox. At some point in the up coming season I would like a total point’s count by rookie scores and team records. Thanks SteFin ps defensive scores count also Vonte Davis, and especially Sean Smith will have a pick 6 this year. Sean Smith running with the first team isn’t an accident, Randy Moss and T.O. twice each this season we needed the physical 6-4 cornerback his 3 interceptions leads all defensive backs 2 off Pennington.
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