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Wil, it is people like them that give all fans a bad name. Not all of us are like that, obviously or you would and most all other celebrities would not never venture out in Public. What you choose to do for work is no different thn what us "normal," non-celebrities choose to do for work. Its jsut that, a job, a way to put food on he table and a roof over our heads. The only difference is that what you do, provides a bit of an escape from the day to day drugery of life for the rest of us. But it is still a job, and like all jobs, it comes with some other responsibilities, that aren't quite in the "job description" but are part of it nontheless, the "other duties as assigned" stuff. I doubt you remember, but at PAX East 2010, you came down to the Hotel bar after the first day, with a bunch of your friends and behind you there was a group of people recording a pod cast. That was me and a bunch of my friends. The funny thing about that is when you came in we were actually talking about you and your Keynote at that exact moment in time. Just wanted to share that story with you and to say thanks for everything and being so honest with us, when you really have no reason to be so open and public with everything. Best wishes.
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Wil, per your request, this is the frist time I am reading this story, well at least hear. I have read it in "Just a Geeek" I believe. Great Story, which I'm sure a lot of people can relate to in some fashion or another, being so excited to do something, and in the height of the moment being so excited that you mess it up.
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Gotta say I know what you mean about packing the things you need to keep yourself entertained while traveling. Thankfully technology is getting smaller and more lightwieght all the time. On the plus side I still have my original Nintendo Game Boy and the rechargable battery pack, but I'm not sot sure what happened to the clip on light and magnifiying glass..
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Tomorrow, I go back to Eureka at WWdN: In Exile
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Thanks Wil. Looking forward to reading them both. Just finished downloading them to my Kindle and am torn as to which one to read first as soon as I finish reading Dragon Age: The Calling. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work in the Kindle Store. Thanks again for sharing.
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Just bought Hunter from the Kindle Store. Looking forward to Sunken Treasure and the rest of your works. - Tim
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I'd love to buy any and all of your books in Kindle format. You are an incredible writer. Life tends to throw us all curves balls from time to time and you hit this one out of the park. Take that voice of self doubt! Your writting is both entertaining and enlightening. Thank you for the laughs and opportunity for reflection. As for the DVD I'd be happy to own such a collection. Best Wishes, Tim.
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