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I've been strangely fascinated with this guy ever since he beat up a hooker earlier this year, and this video really isn't helping his case in my head.
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I know you don't want to hear about how good at math or science someone else is, and if someone gave you the choice of (a) being taught a new way now to approach an algebra equation or (b) being shot in the leg, you'd probably choose the latter, but I thought it was worth mentioning that my mathematical ability actually fostered my interest in the more fantastical/science-fictional/chimerical parts of the world. Granted, I was blessed with knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, and I hail from a completely different plane of the universe than a lot of people (I attended a math/science high school, went to college at 15, mastered calculus-based physics at 16). I'll never forget my first algebra lesson: "The equal sign is the universe, and the universe demands what? Balance."
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This was definitely my favorite season so far. And I just want you to know that my brain exploded a little bit the last moment of the finale as you lay in bed together...I'm hoping that means you'll be back for season 4?
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Nov 25, 2009