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Stephanie LH Calahan aka @StephCalahan
Stephanie is a nationally known speaker, productivity consultant and founder of Calahan Solutions, Inc. She has worked with hundreds of clients, and understands that every person is unique and requires systems that work for them.
Interests: i am a productivity and organization adviser and founder of calahan solutions, inc. i work with intelligent, highly motivated, busy entrepreneurs, executives, producers and other professionals to teach them how to do more with their time, space and information. i believe life is meant to be lived and that fabulous vision combined with practical systems can make that happen very quickly.
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LAST NOTICE My team and I have bee working diligently to transition my blog to a WordPress site and it is now live! I'd love for you to join me on that site. I will no longer be publishing here and we'll be taking this site down soon. RSS Subscribers -- I'd be honored if you would switch your subscription to this feed 5 Tips to Tap Into Your Attitude of Gratitude Simple Things You Can Delegate to Save Hours in Your Day How to Find Content Ideas that Your Ideal Clients are Looking For Are You Opening Your Site to Hackers and Don’t Even Know It? Are You Making this Social Media Mistake? AudioAcrobat is a Great tool to Get Your Voice Heard #podcast #video What is Your One Key Thing? Ever Wonder Where Your Time Goes? TimeDoctor Can Tell You Do You Have a Twitter Landing Page? Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Pages and Posts #SEO WordPress Search Engine Optimization – 10 Places to Make Sure You Have Keywords Get Your Message Out Farther by Getting Rid of Your Visibility Blocks (Part 2) The story... Continue reading
Lovely post Julie. I felt my perspective shifting to freedom as I read it. (That rarely happens.) I've been blogging since 2007 and as the years have progressed I have found it easier to relax and simply write. Some of my best posts have been written on my deck looking out to the lake. Thanks for the inspiration and I'll be sure to let my subconscious work it too.