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Stephen Carter
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As someone that went through his school years bullied and beat on, it's traumatic beyond comprehension if it never happened to you. Having to face each day in fear of going to class is brutal.
Last time one of the people at the door tried to stop me to check my receipt I just said "no" and kept on going.
Paying my taxes seems to keep the IRS away from me. Maybe folks with IRS problems should consider that.
I applauded the guy last week(?) that chased a robber and took a shot at him. But I wondered if the bangers pre-empted this man being able to do that by shooting him on the spot.
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Who murdered Gurpreet Singh? at Crime Scene KC
Open Carry, while I want to do it, will attract all the wrong kind of attention and thus I stand next to you in line @ Price Chopper with 20rds of JHP 9mm on my hip. And you're none the wiser. Think about it like this: when is the gov coming around and limitin the horsepower in you car to 100? Or putting 55mph limiters in the electronics? Who says you need 300hp or to go 70mph...the gov says you don't need too sooner or later. The more liberties you give up in the name of safety are tickets to the next one they take in the name of either safety or a nanny state. Eventually they'll come after something you hold dear and then where will you be?
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Mar 9, 2010