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Stephen F Faust
Philadelphia, PA
Observer. Minimalist. Free and easy wanderer.
Interests: Street photography
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I clicked the link, and, after reading the description, I glanced at the address bar hoping—praying—to see "", but to my sadness, it was, in fact, the legitimate Leica site. And it's not even April first.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2015 on Not So Cool New Stuff at The Online Photographer
"Note that you do not need to know all of these and you don't need to master everything. Rather, as you go through, you'll decide which functions you'll use and which ones you're going to ignore." Couldn't agree more. I've had my trusty X100 for years, and I always know the aperture setting by feel and can adjust it if needed without looking at the camera, and I know exactly what will be in frame and out of frame before I even lift it to my eye. However, it occurred to me the other day that I have absolutely no idea how to take a video with it. Simply a function I've never used and never needed to use. That's what my iPhone is for. :)
It's very possible that you can recover some, most, or even all of the files from the card. First, you need to STOP using it - don't write more files to it, format it, or use it in any way. Assuming you were using the Sandisk card, you can download a copy of their Rescue Pro software ( and let it work it's magic. Good luck!
Q: How do you make a small fortune in photography? A: Start with a large one.
Great timing! I got home Saturday night from a days worth of shooting and realized I left my 3 stop ND filter on the entire day, so many of my shots were taken around 1/20 and ISO 3200. Getting ready to embrace the blur during my upcoming editing sessions!
My favorite line: "When did real cameras come out where you didn't have to do all this??" A wonderful commentary on how the definition of "normal" changes, and changes quickly!
I think it is an good experiment and I'd be interested to hear the final accounting of what % of sales each size received. However, as an artist, I feel that it is my job to determine the optimum print size for a specific photograph. We all know that some subject matter works much better as smaller, more intimate prints, while other subjects work best as giant prints (grand landscapes). Asking the customer to make what amounts to a creative decision is akin to asking for their input on cropping, saturation, etc—things that I feel are best kept under the artist's control.
Have you considered scanning all those important and sentimental scraps of paper? That way you wouldn't have to feel bad about trashing them, and they no longer take up any physical space—just an entry in Evernote or file on your hard drive.
Hmmm...I'm sensing that this post is really our first introduction to the future TOP World HQ. Hopefully the price is reasonable and it won't take too many more print sales to close the sale. Bonus: The house comes with unpaid interns to help around the office!
Yup, it's a good deal. That's the current model MacBook Air for about $120 less than buying direct from Apple. The MacBook Air is currently mid-product cycle, so I wouldn't expect any product updates for a few months at least. The question is though, is it enough of a computer for you? Two things stick out that you may want to consider: 128GB of storage is pretty small and certainly not enough for a library of digital photos, music, etc, so you'll have to have an external drive attached. Secondly, 4GB RAM is, in my opinion, just not enough to run the current OS along with [insert your photo editor of choice]. Nowadays, I'd consider 8GB RAM to be the minimum. I'm pretty sure that the RAM in the MacBook Air is NOT user upgradable (it's soldered to the motherboard), so seriously consider buying up front with 8GB installed.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Very Cheap Apple? Or—? at The Online Photographer
" can simulate an anti-aliasing filter with the flip of a switch. The camera doesn't actually have an AA filter, but it will helpfully simulate it for you by jiggling the sensor to blur the picture..." Oh my god, you were serious about that?! I was sure it was just a off-handed joke in keeping with your style, but then I actually clicked on the dpreview link. Sheesh.
Interesting analysis and one that I've thought about before, especially about how it relates to my own photography. Being a strong introvert, I believe, meshes quite well with and benefits my street photography. I feel comfortable being a "detached observer" with no need to interact with my subject, and that allows me to simply wander, see, and photograph without having to--god forbid--talk to people! :) On some level, it seems counterintuitive that an introvert would enjoy street photography, since there is always some level of interaction (even if just visual glances), and of course the potential for even greater interaction (positive or negative) when spotted, but it works for me. I wonder if the historically successful flâneur photographers (Bresson, Doisneau, Levitt, etc. ) were introverts or extroverts?
I'm generally not a pixel peeper, but I would love to read a thorough comparison of this lens attached to a D800e vs the Leica 70mm f/2.5 attached to a Leica S.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2013 on Zeiss Monster at The Online Photographer
Ouch. Heartbreaking, although I have to ask--if the government knew that anything that failed to sell would be discarded, why on earth would there be assigned minimum prices? Isn't $1, or in this case, $260, better than $0? I guess, as you said, the ways of the Federal Government are mysterious.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2013 on Oh Well at The Online Photographer
Keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will be from the "Space Travel" series!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2013 on Heads Up: The Scoop at The Online Photographer
Wow, great photos. I just discovered Saul Leiter, and I can see a lot of Leiter's influence in Pinkhassov's work, especially the color photos on Pinkhassov's blog. Color photography--especially color street photography--is so difficult to do well, but both Leiter and Pinkhassov have mastered it.
0.91% :)
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2012 on Niche Within a Niche at The Online Photographer
Perhaps I'm being too literal, but if "Results trump everything else" wouldn't we all (or at least those of you who selected that option) be shooting with 20x24 view cameras? Truth is, we ALL sacrifice "image quality" for the sake of something else--be it ease of use, size, weight, cost, etc.
Regarding the "M", something that I haven't yet seen discussed: What happened to the bright line illumination window? (Still present on the M-E pictured at the top of the article, but not on the M10, err.. M). It's conspicuously absent from the M, which brings up a number of questions (will the bright lines be electronically overlayed? Absent altogether? Without a bright line window, is it really a rangefinder?) etc...
Damn. That'll teach me to sleep late on a Saturday. I would have bought one for twice the price!
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2012 on Only £4! at The Online Photographer
Happy Street Photography Day! Taken in Philadelphia:
Allow me to suggest a simplification of step #3, since "making a plan and setting a schedule" itself can be a daunting task, and the tasks probably will change as you proceed through them. Instead of trying to come up with an entire plan, all you really need to do is ask yourself "What is the single very next action that I need to take to move this forward?" It can be as simple as "Order more baryta paper", or "Call the curator of Gallery X to schedule a portfolio review". The act if determining the real "next action" makes it much easier to actually take that first step towards completing the project. Of course, once that is done, it's just a matter of thinking through the next next action. Rinse and repeat. (I can't take credit for this advice--this is part of the "Getting Things Done" system by David Allen--something that has helped me tremendously, and can be applied to just about any type of pursuit).
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