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Stephen Finger
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He just coached the most uninteresting team of the tournament, and now you want him to be the favorite to get the US job? Outside of a match against a physically and mentally drained NK team, Portugal was pathetic. ZERO goals. Their entire offense was to give the ball to Ronaldo 45 yards out and let him shoot. Classic case of a team being worse than the sum of the parts. Not sure how that makes you qualified for a more demanding US job.
Torres is NOT an attacking midfielder. If you watch him play with Pachuca or in any of his US matches, he likes to play the deep role. Not necessarily in terms of playing a defensive role, but in terms of being a guy that helps keep possession, and not necessarily the guy that is going to make the final pass. This means he does not quite fit into the team RIGHT NOW in intense, competitive matches. He has shined in the second halves of matches where the other team was dropping off, but he has struggled in the first 20 minutes of matches where everything is 100 mph. He is only 22, so I think there is plenty of time for him to figure out either how to play a bit further up the field, or how to provide more defensively. He has a lot of promise, but isnt a starter yet.
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Jun 30, 2010