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Stephen Fitzpatrick
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At Con-Version in Calgary yeeeears ago, I saw my first game of Star Fleet Battles being played on an enormous map. There were only a dozen or so ships on the map by the time I'd gotten there, and a Federation dreadnought was riding roughshod over pretty much everybody. "How did you rate such an overpowered ship?" someone inquired. "No one said I couldn't," smirked the DN player, who was a smug git in addition to being a rules lawyer. Each turn, the gamemaster would go around the table asking players to make declarations, until one of the 'spectators' unexpectedly chimed in with, "I uncloak now." While the dreadnought player gaped, the GM nodded and placed a Romulan Warbird counter two hexes directly astern of his ship. Turns out he'd been passing movement orders and the like to the GM on the sly, as well as holding back a plasma torpedo for quite some time while cloaked. I gather they double in effect every turn until they are fired, so by the time he unleashed it, it was powerful enough to not only blow through the dreadnought's rear shields, but actually passed out the front of the ship, as the crowd cheered madly. "You didn't even tell me you were playing," sighed the git. "No one said I had to," replied the Romulan. Love the shirt!
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Jun 24, 2010