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I am a Brit living in London but with 10 years living just to the South of the border working for the Mexican government in a senior capacity. I think Richardson’s endorsement is significant. As with Obama he was partly brought up in a very different Country (Mexico) where the common US assumptions that the USA is the greatest and always on the side of good are openly and deeply questioned. While surprised at some of Reverend Wright’s language it strengthens my support for Obama. I feel he has the intellect to listen to anti-American government statements -even from someone he trusts over a period of time - and not get panicked by it and continue to make up his own mind. There is no hint in any statement made by Obama of concurrence with Wright’s views. Not a hint. A president who has been through this is in a better position to lead in a world where many if not most of the world are highly skeptical of the US's good intentions –especially right now. I don't expect any US president to have those views -because if they did they would be unelectable as we all tend to be nationalists first an foremost- but I do think it is valuable to have a President with the confidence and intellect that he/she can listen to them and not run or panic. Richardson shares this life experience with Obama and I think that is what tipped the balance to the endorsement. A remarkable endorsement given that Richardson worked closely with the Clintons. Begs the question as to why Al Gore can not brig himself to endorse Clinton. Silence speaks with Gore and it is not complementary for Clinton. He must harbor deep doubts from a position of knowledge. Please America do not get panicked just because someone stayed in the room or Church when anti-American government statements were made. It is a sign of intellectual strength not weakness. That viewpoint is out there and it is better to be prepared for it rather than scared of it.
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