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@James R Grinter At what point are we going to hit a critical mass of cynical flame baiting and the site becomes self aware?
Partly I'm amazed at the issue of how people are so defensive - "I can't type quickly and I'm such a good programmer". Fine, if you're genuinely so good be a good programmer and show everyone how wrong they are. Anyone can say they're good at stuff - I'm a brilliant intergalactic space pilot. I think there's a issue of being taken seriously and being technically accomplished being slightly different things. You can be an amazing programmer - maybe you can even solve NP problems in polynomial time - but if you can't quickly find the e key on a keyboard I'm going to feel nervous about trusting you with work. To my eye the very least difficult problem you'll have today is finding the keys on your keyboard. It's also a question of "how much experience can he have and yet not know where that key is?" It looks very bad to outsiders who don't think you're an amazing coder because they don't know everything about you like you do (or maybe you're just not quite as good as you think and say you are). I completely agree that people who hunt and peck cannot be taken seriously as programmers. That doesn't mean they can't be good but exactly how much of a leap of faith do you want to take with your [insert substantial, expensive, mission-critical project here] ?
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2010 on The Keyboard Cult at Coding Horror
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Apr 6, 2010