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Productivity in the information age...good Q, Kevin, Being also in the leading edge of the Boomer generation, I remember how good it felt to see a clean 40+ acre field clean and all the baled hay stacked as a young guy. When I had the National Association of Business Coaches, (sold in 2002) it was finishing a report, having a bunch of new members sign up or start on their certification quest. Having now been led of the Lord to develop the American Alliance of Elder Advocates, I can reflect on stuff like finishing the copy for a new page for our Website and getting it off to our graphics team. There is also the satisfaction of saving an elder a $300 overcharge from their attorney, a double-billing by a business, restoring a broken business relationship (or reputation or assets) as a result of elder financial fraud. I also take great satisfaction in a day when someone I have never met calls and tells me that "so and so was talking to me about your project on elder fraud and I would like to help!"(Akin to what Rory said on meeting new people) And then I can relate to what Honey Beth said about lists. There is just something ultra-satisfying to make a big ole fat checkmark on a to-do item or cross it off! Thanks again, Kevin,for the 'productivity thought'!
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Jun 2, 2011