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Steve Miller
Steve Miller is Kelly’s Dad and a Strategic Marketing Gunslinger.
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My buddy, Dan Cole, vice president of business development for the International CES and the organization that produces it, the Consumer Electronics Association, just posted a great piece on Expo about using the telephone for sales. It's a quick read,... Continue reading
Off topic, but I couldn't resist sharing! Continue reading
On January 1, my college golfer daughter, Kelly, and I flew to Palm Springs. Every winter her top gun swing coach goes there for a few weeks and almost all his players - high schoolers, college, and tour pros -... Continue reading
I have an earache, so my doctor called in a prescription for amoxicillin to our local Rite-Aid. I drove over a couple hours later to pick it up. The pharmacist said he was finishing up my prescription and it would... Continue reading
As I said a couple of days ago, I'm was San Diego working with The National Needlearts Association. I'm helping the association make some difficult strategic decisions, which are being met with some strong resistance from a small number of... Continue reading
I love great promotions. I love unselfish sharing. I really love it when a company unselfishly shares with its customers and then gets some promotional pats on the back. It's the holiday season, so take 5 1/2 minutes to watch... Continue reading
Intel put this very interesting graphic of what happens during an Internet minute. Wow, LOT going on! (Click to view full size.) Continue reading
As I wrote about in my previous post, I recently keynoted the Independent Distributors Association annual convention in Banff, Alberta, Canada. If you've ever hired a speaker for an event, you know it's a risky proposition. You can watch a... Continue reading
Last week I keynoted for the Independent Distributors Association annual convention. Lucky me, this year's meeting was at the Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Even though Seattle is only a 90-minute flight from Calgary, I'd never been... Continue reading
Next month I'm speaking in Banff, AB for the International Distributors Association. They are a world wide non-profit association of independent businesses that supply quality parts, service and equipment to the heavy construction industry. In preparation for any presentation, I... Continue reading
It's only natural for prospects to comparison shop. We all do it, whether for ourselves personally as well as at work. So, of course, as marketers and salespeople, we should acknowledge and address that in our communications. Why are we... Continue reading
WARNING (mainly to men): For a lot of people, the following video is cringeworthy. It crosses the line. This video advertisement covers a topic considered taboo in many homes...the outloud discussion of a girl's first period. There, I said it.... Continue reading
I've written about my old country club before. For a number of years now, the leadership has managed to make one mistake after another running and marketing the club. Despite offers of help by many people who actually have experience... Continue reading
I recently blogged about an amazing marketing promotion Kontor Records did to promote one of their artists. It was a killer idea. I've got another one for you. Fevicol, a brand of adhesives owned by the Indian company Pidilite, wanted... Continue reading
Being an entrepreneur can be equally rewarding and frustrating. Owning your own business, no matter how small, can provide a giant measure of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. I can personally attest to that. There is much that can be frustrating,... Continue reading
Do you offer an incentive to those customers who send you a referral? If so, you're probably paying the wrong person. Referrals are huge. They should be an integral part of any small business marketing strategy (and big business, for... Continue reading
I read a recent Gallup poll that concluded seven out of 10 workers have "checked out" at work or are "actively disengaged." The report, "State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Insights for U.S. Business Leaders," highlights findings from Gallups'... Continue reading
I first met Larry Winget about 26 years ago when we were both members of the National Speakers Association. We had a small gang of fresh faces - me, Larry, Mark Sanborn, Scott Friedman, Scott McKain, Lisa Ford, Eric Chester,... Continue reading
One of my extreme BFFs, Jessica Finnerty, sent me a video of what she called a super cool promotional campaign. I would rank it as one of the best ever. It's not a small business marketing example, for extremely cool... Continue reading
Of all the big shiny objects I complain about about, Facebook might be the worst. Facebook may appear like it's everywhere, with businesses constantly asking consumers to "like" their page or "check in." With the constanting urging, Facebook may continue... Continue reading
The way technology is today, if you're selling a tangible product, it's probably a commodity. The old days of producing unique, hard-to-copy products are going the way of the dodo bird. We might be able to offer small differences or... Continue reading
Two dumb vendors: Dear Morning Glory Landscaping, You're fired. Eight months ago our landscaping service told us they were stopping service in south King County. They were based in Seattle and decided it was too difficult to manage customers farther... Continue reading
One personal issue I think almost all of us struggle with is balancing our Work with our Life. I know I do. It's not easy, so I reached out to an old friend, Jeff Davidson, author of 59 books, and... Continue reading
If you're not looking for online April Fool's jokes, you're missing some fun. Here are a few: Google Blue Google Nose Google Treasure Hunt Even Bing has gotten into the act. Go to Bing and search the term "Google" Toshiba's... Continue reading
Wal-Mart may get customers to deliver packages to online buyers Continue reading