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Steve Chandler
Phoenix, AZ
Steve Chandler is the author of 30 books, a master success coach, founder of the Coaching Prosperity School and public speaker.
Interests: MY LAST DAYS ON THIS PLANET I am devoting my final days to a single mission. I am delivering a year-long school for coaches to empower them to get clients and build their practices to strong levels of prosperity. I’ve been doing versions of this school for years now, with remarkable results. Students who have attended my six-month version have learned to sell their services at levels they never thought possible. My school has been the only coaching school that does not teach you how to coach. It’s the only school that focuses all its time and energy on one thing: acquiring your next client. This is the only school that does this. My own life was completely turned around by coaching, and like a mad scientist who has found a cure for something, I want to give that turnaround back. My last days will do that and only that: teach coaches to sell and prosper. Because a coach without a client is not a very effective coach. I know. I have been there. And how did that sorry state get cured? By my own coach, the ultimate coach, Steve Hardison. Now I want to give coaches everywhere what he gave me. It’s not enough that coaches are good coaches. If you are a coach in my school I want to make you as good a salesperon as you are a coach. For your client’s sake and for the sake of humanity itself. Coaching can only save civilization if there are clients.
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