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Steve Johnston
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I am a Republican, who is ashamed of the Republican Party for declaring a coup against the elected President of the United States. How dare you turn your backs on the USA in our hours of need. How power-mad you must be to assume that any elected President has so much power that you must "run him out of town" to preserve your self serving interests.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Self-righteous blather at Unfettered Letters
The Occupy Movement is protesting the loss of their jobs, mostly through no fault of their own. They dont't have any idea what went on at Fannie and Freddie, or any other part of DC and Wall Street that has screwed up our country. Sense when is being a member of the well schooled and insider informed elite, a pre-requisite for protest.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2012 on Cash pollutes politics at Unfettered Letters
Unfortunately, the least worst solution may be to have neighboring school districts absorb the KCMSD. Then, after a stabilizing period, maybe the more scholarly students will return. Shame on the money grubbing leaches that drove the district into the gutter.
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Nov 19, 2009