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The media scrum over Mitt Romney’s statement that he likes “being able to fire people” misses the larger – and more important – points about his healthcare policy. No question: this latest inarticulate gaffe not only makes for a great controversy during a single news cycle, but is also sure to be repeated ad infinitum, renewing perceptions that Romney is a ruthless job-cutter, hopelessly out of touch with the everyday concerns of most Americans. But "The Bottom 99%" takes a closer look at how this speech reveals Romney's inconsistencies and misleading claims about his policies and ObamaCare. Is it really, "repeal and replace" – or just "Rename and Claim"? Don't be distracted – find out what you're missing about Mitt's healthcare policies. Click here:
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Rick Santorum has a long history of being a major player in the inside the beltway Lobbyist game. Did everyone forget? Learn more about his K-Street Project Connection -
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Jan 3, 2012