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No Holden, Davies, Demerit, , Altidore, or Dempsey!!! and the presence of Findley means time to fire BB.
If the team picks the team, there is no way CD( is not on it. If he's not, Bradley picked the team.
To me, it sounds like Bradley has already decided that Davies is out, and he just wants to soften the blow. That sucks. If there is a heart to that team, Davies is it. Who else could it be? I like all the players, but even if Davies plays in the 70+ minute range, he can give a spark and an emotional upswing that no other striker can. I believe that Altidore, Edu, Beasley, Holden will all play with more heart if Davies is there. I think Bradley is okay. He seems like a good coach. If he cuts Davies out, I say find a new coach more in tune with the players.
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Apr 29, 2010