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Hey Wil, Been following you on twitter for a while now and am a fellow farker also. You've touched on something I genuinely feel really strongly about here. First off, I understand that you feel violated. You should. These assholes are doing nothing to increase safety for travelers. In fact they are actually increasing the health risk to traveler's with their backscatter devices. As you pointed out, the devices are producing ten times the radiation they said they would. The thing is, the figures for "safe" exposure are in comparison with high penetration xray exposure. The difference is that backscatter radiation only hits the surface of a subject. The thing you have to realize is this; the amount of dangerous exposure is MUCH greater because the exposure is concentrated on the surface instead of penetrating through the volume of the body. Think of it being like taking the same quantity of radiation, and concentrating it all to a much smaller area of effect. You magnify the effect dramatically as a result. Of course, you're probably thinking what expertise do I have in this area? Honestly, you don't know me from Adam. Well, my background is in computer engineering for hardware and in thin film deposition using high energy sputtering particle guns. So yeah, I happen to know a thing or two about radiation. No amount of additional exposure to radiation is "safe". Unneeded exposure is precisely that, unneeded. Do you go in for unneeded surgery? Of course not. There are risks to any exposure, and the government is actually increasing the risk of skin and other cancers for people for no good reason. That said, I know you have responsibilities that require flying. I'd suggest you talk to the ACLU on this and get other people you know to demand that the TSA be abolished. It's long past time that people stopped sitting idly by and just letting the TSA run roughshod over them. I know that Jeri Ryan has complained on twitter about this too. Talk to her, get others in Hollywood to start coming out and demanding action. The public needs a clear cut cause that they can line up behind. The goal should be nothing less than the destruction of the TSA, root and branch. I don't know if you've read about it, but even the man who helped create the TSA (John Mica) has come forward and called for the TSA to be reined in. In an open letter he urged private air ports to kick the TSA out of the airports and install their own security and ignore the TSA's intrusive search procedures. In it he called the TSA a Kabuki theater. That it does nothing but give the illusion that the government is trying to do something. The end result is that extra expenses are being created, travel is slowed, and Good honest Americans like yourself are being illegally searched and detained because some idiots get their rocks off on the power they've been given. Me, I think that we need to start demanding that local laws make the TSA illegal, and that police be instructed to take complaints against the TSA, arrest their agents, and throw them in jail and refuse to cooperate with federal agents who seek to undo such practices. Do this a few hundred times, arrest all their agents, fine the living hell out of them and they'll not have anyone to man the TSA posts, and we can return to just flying like normal people. All that aside, if you're interested, there's a facebook group that keeps people updated about the latest news on the TSA.
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Wil, Dude, Freaking hilarious as always, and you are not alone with the whole 'reverting to 12 years old' when you game. All too frequently all gamers do that. I do have to ask though, you mentioned it in the original post about Cal & D and did it again here. As soon as the women folk appear, it's an immediate transition to board games. What's up with that?
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Feb 21, 2011