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Steven Groves
Arizona-based entrepreneur, with expertise in technology, marketing and social media. President at, developer of Agent2.0 and founder of InterReality Advocates in Second Life.
Interests: wine, cooking, technology, baseball, weblogs, second life, cigars, James Bond & Godzilla movies
Recent Activity
Elizabeth - LOL; I have to sign-on at least once a day to get my fix of Second Life. Liek a number of people, I am not entirely sure where it'll go; some big name analysts are suggesting it'll expand dramatically within the next few years. My projects there have to do with proving business models within the community and leveraging the rich media possible for task like training; right now working on a sales training venue with the International Associztion of Sales Professionals - looks for me in SL as 'Estaban Graves'; Grand opening of the facility is in the next few weeks.
Daniel - agreed. I think the model speaks more to evolution not revolution.
Brian - happy it provided a piece of the puzzle - let me know what else your thinking about. The model gets better with interaction.