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Congratulations to you! You're going to make the most amazing parents ever! I'm so excited for your family :D Also, by far the best gender reveal I've ever seen!
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This coat would look *so* amazing on Katie! *crossing my fingers*
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Wow. I think this may qualify as the coolest giveaway _ever_. You've found some *amazing* sponsors and even more impressive products. I'd die if I managed to come away with this package! Keep up the great work James (and Aubrey!)
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Oct 9, 2010
Absolutely gorgeous books!!!! Sorry to be contributing to the insanity that is your week, but I love working with you thus far and can't wait to start the next few projects together!
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This turned out absolutely adorable and I _love_ your handwriting (especially in thread!)
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You can find my real blog at: Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at Stevenhaddox's blog
I am sure that your case will be a very solid one with a strong chance at winning. However, patience and strength will definitely be required when doing anything through our US legal system (ugh). I wish you the best of luck and would love to help in any way possible!
Count us in on the trip :) We love both of you and are glad to have you for such good (and quickly becoming best) friends! Keep up the amazing love and work and you'll find a way to work through anything together.
I know I tweeted about how excited I was over your new ideas I wanted to come back and comment as well (even if it is delayed). I'm stoked about where you're taking your blog and I can't wait to see your new posts! I think you're hitting the nail on the head about the exact same settings and conditions rendering two completely different photos, and I really look forward to improving my skills as a photographer (even though I'm not even to the amateur level in my opinion yet). One question Katie and I have had is after your first few lens purchases where would be the next place to invest our money? We have the stock lens from our Canon Rebel XTi as well as our 55-300mm with Image Stabilization we got during Circuit City's shutting down sale (amazing deal at over half-off!) We also got our new 50mm/1.4f this week as our Christmas gift. We're wondering if we should look into a different lens or at a lighting kit of some kind (or a flash if there is such a thing as the perfect flash)? Suggestions are greatly appreciated :) Thanks again and best of luck with your new ideas! -Steven
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Nov 27, 2009