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The perk trade had to be done, he wanted more money than the C's had! The Tony Allen trade back when was the big God he was one of the very few young ones on the team, and when Truth, Ray and KG are done with the game, what are the C's gonna be? They'll almost have to trade Rondo to compete, because he'll be all they got, or Rondo's career will be of similar fate to Pierce's, before they landed Ray and KG. The officiating's got me not even caring anymore though anyway, because it seems the Celtics are the most hated and screwed team in sports. What I used to love is when the Celts could beat the opponent and officials, but with the heat series, too many unjustified injures have been suffered where they can't or won't do that.. If ya ask me the Celtics really needed to retaliate in Game 1 once Pierce was ejected for fouls committed on him..they should of sent Baby out there to deck Wade! But nothin..and the heat kept getting away with it more and more, even in Game 3 with Wade's takedown of Rondo. Game 4 was called more Bostons way for the most part, but, too little to late. Back to back games during the season, 1 days rest ( even while travelling)'s now a young man's sport and geared to give a huge advantage to guys under 30.
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Why oh why oh why did they ever trade TA!!?? That was just as if not more important that the Perk trade. It was great for Tony Allen though..he got the $$, he's starting games and playing alot more minutes..Who are the Celts gonna have when Pierce, Garnet, and Ray retire..just Rondo?
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To me, it seems like Baby already signed a contract with Pat Riley, and is earning it this series..more to add for Dan Gilberts "investigation" After what he's shown, Doc should NOT be playing him at all! Jeez what about Murphy? At least he wouldn't be giving the Heat baskets and missing almost do what he's done in this series seems a hell of alot more than a 'funk'. Yo Doc, there's a fox in the henhouse!
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Apr 19, 2011