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Robert Stevens
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I've been acting for 20 years now, and I've got to say, sometimes acting is my only social outlet. Granted, I'm performing on stage, and not on film, and maybe that's why I prefer the stage. I particularly relish roles where I can interact with the audience, such as the one I'm currently playing (Launce in a musical version of Two Gentlemen of Verona, which as one of Shakespeare's clowns means not only interacting, but, regardless of what Hamlet said, slipping in improvisational bits as well). That being said, I'm no James Dean, and I'm no method actor either. I have fun with the rest of the cast during downtime, rather than going off to brood in-character.
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re Batman:AA. I guess I've been playing computer games so long I hardly noticed that. Once you've accepted that your RPG character can't lift his feet enough to step over a wall that's one brick high, you can accept anything. I have to say, though, the Assassin's Creed games are awesome in that respect. Since you're playing a character who's reliving an ancestor's life through an incredibly powerful computer system, all the "strange" things about playing a computer game are explained (like coming back after you've died, and why you can't step out of the boundaries of the game world).
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Granville Island is awesome. My wife and I stayed there years ago, and had breakfast over there at the market every morning while we were there. One of my favorite things we did while we were there was rent some bicycles and ride around the park. Hope you guys have fun.
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Aug 24, 2010