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I am already in several leagues, some of the worth actual money. I can definitely dedicate the time to coming here and whupping on a bunch of you lushes, however. I'm a big fan of more traditional setups (rotisserie, 4x4 or 5x5, large rosters/small benches) and will argue for that when we decide on rules, but i've played 'em all and won most of 'em. Bring it on. (go A's!)
For me, it's more about what the winemaker is claiming, both literally, and what their marketing infers. If they are trying to ride coattails on the whole organic foods movement, they need to fit the bill. If they're essentially quiet about it, not trying to sell on "earth-friendly" terms, but are maintaining decent standards, I think that's awesome. The second they try to really latch on to the whole "thing" of it, they need to come correct.
LOL! Damn you, Ben Simons, making me FEEL THINGS!! Hulk SMASH!
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on The Best Part of Us at Vinotology Wine Blog
Personally, I am an avid reader of Swirl, Sip, Snark ( ) "The Best & Worst Of Virginia Wine"... really great work there about the VA wine scene, lots of descriptions of winery tasting trips, etc.
Nothing wrong with a little introspection now and then, Ben. Raise a glass to better times ahead!
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2010 on The Best Part of Us at Vinotology Wine Blog
Nice, Ben. I had to see that picture once this week on Randy's blog, and now again. And it will probably even show up in the RSS feed when I cycle through looking for stuff I missed. Now I hate you. ;)
I agree with Yankees10... I see the A's starting the season with Taylor in LF, Crisp in CF, and Sweeney in RF. If they don't get traded, Davis and Hairston could stay on as backups (especially Davis, since he has value as a pinch runner and can play CF as well).
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Dec 21, 2009