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WORD, Hardy, Shit like this makes me rrrraaaaaaagggge!
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You know I'm in. And I agree with keeping it to 12 teams. Just right. Way better in football to do head-to-head. Also think we should go snake draft instead of auction. What are you thinking?
Dude we're gonna have the wino version of the Delta Tau Chi house!
Luckily, it's still early, and soooo much can change. 1st and 10th places in each category are separated by just 24 runs, 10 home runs, 31 RBI, 17 stolen bases (congrats yourself, Ben, you're running away with the lead there with 27, second places has just 19), .030 points of batting average, 59 strikeouts (ok that one's kind of a big lead), 6 wins, 10 saves, about 1.5 runs of ERA, and about .30 points of WHIP... lots and lots can change.
You guys are all so sweet ;) Working the angles if I can't get a full scholarship... we'll see what happens!
OK, I dig the "Just the Facts" section, but the formatting is a bit off... maybe put it in an HTML table? I'm not sure what kind of formatting options TypePad gives you, but I know WordPress has some WYSIWYG table-building, and it will make everything line up nicely (maybe right-align the bolded headings and left-align the answers) As for the ratings, I don't miss them if you don't. They're a tool, not a crutch, and if you don't find them useful in your reviewing toolbox, getting rid of them will make your reviews better, period.
Hoping I can make it, would love to meet a whole bunch of people, too.
Did you just equate Britney Spears with "The Princess Bride"? Inconceivable! But seriously, I think any of us outside the wine writing mainstream, even if we are a *bit* snobbish, understand the concept and appeal of the summer sipper wine, or simply finding something cheap and enjoyable. But Barefoot? Really? I'm spoiled, I have access to some great, world-class wine shops. It makes it hard for me to go to Safeway and pay $6 a bottle for Barefoot when I can go to K&L and pick up a Perrin et Fils Cote-du-Rhone for $8. But hey, that's my situation, not everyone's. Nice commentary, Ben.
Aaaaand with a reference to "old TSR games," Hardy and his faithful companion Drizzt Do'Urden win the internet.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Wine Bloggers Bite The Big One! at Dirty South Wine
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Thanks for including "Notes" in your TGTBTU post this week, Ben! I think when I wrote it I felt that DeVito comparison would strike a chord with some people :)
No "pretty much" about it, Ben. Go big, or go home, I always say. TCA-Contaminated Bats is going to rock this one like Big Papi waiting on a hanging curve circa 2004. Done.
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Feb 7, 2010