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Personally I prefer the idea of an iPad app for my favorite news outlets. If I had a tablet I'd be willing to pay for a clean interface that better mirrors the printed product that is, in my opinion, cleaner, better looking/organized and more convenient for my schedule. I'm SO over the constant stream of tweets, RSS and other updates, and the assanine, uninformed comments under my local media. I doubt I'm the only one. My projection: If tablet computing, led by the iPad, takes off, mag apps show a lot of potential. More here at my blog (on Blogger), if anyone's interested: At any rate, back to your post more specifically: I don't disagree with your larger point, and it's one I reflect on frequently. For some reason, though, when I read these words of yours, it got me thinking: "They can’t tell the truth because the truth doesn’t have an obvious business model. Yet." If our information consumption is always shaped by "the next thing," and "the next thing" is always just around the corner in this day and age, how can any of us assert that there WILL be a business model to emerge -- especially because we all acknowledge the free alternatives that exist? Perhaps we're all just fooling ourselves, relying on our understanding of the past, when other smart people in history figured out how to make money. Perhaps the game truly has changed that much.
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Nov 30, 2010