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We should have Bill Cosby make a commercial and possibly a video for presentation in schools that emphasize the importance of education. Mr. Cosby could first tour a prison so kids don't want to be there, and then on a more comic/light hearted side, be shown sitting in the classroom with the other students smiling at the teacher and enjoying himself while learning, to show that school is much more fun and the clear choice. Perhaps he could sit in several classrooms - elementary through high school - and then be shown with a graduating class getting his diploma.
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Thank you. I'm sure you get tired of answering questions at some point. The actor's craft fascinates me. Always has. I love the reality of the back stories. It's like I can get into the story but there's always this "Wow! That’s really good acting,” or “That scene must be very hard to play,” as I watch. Have a great evening!
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Found this show by accident a few weeks ago and thought you were great tonight as an evil version of yourself. Have you ever played a role where the character's actions left YOU embarrassed or otherwise affected when the scene was over?
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Mar 15, 2010