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How did you make sure you didn't improve morale by beating the malcontents into silence? Did former complainers positively respond? Or is a new found lack of complaint the only signal?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2014 on Complaint-Driven Development at Coding Horror
My quick sense is that you are right in general and wrong on the specifics. You are basically complaining that the vast majority of your students don't have a prerequisite for your class, but you are not providing any coverage of that prereq, merely assuming it in the class ciriculum. By analogy we could say learning French has it's advantages, and then decide to hold a hard line on only teaching in French. Except given your description of current student preparation, replace French with ancient Babalyonian and you'll see why covering the skill yourself might be advised.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2011 on "The Mathematics Generation Gap" at Economist's View
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@Alanstorm Thanks for the pointer. Oddly the link in your comment hits a 404, but a search found the page at that exact link.
Neat... typepad appeared to be doing something I always wanted ... aggregating my comments on other blogs and providing a public 'response blog' with very low effort on my part. Kudos ... then I do a first post and find I've just reposted some crappy Kleenex inspired saying? Ummm ...... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2011 at Steve Steiner's blog
Did Netscape charge for the browser? I was in school 91-96 and never paid for netscape (of course this was on various flavors of unix). As I remember, but can't seem to confirm, they were charging for server software and had some deluxe versions of Netscape. I do know I asked the Netscape recruiter (sent to MIT) in fall '95 how they planned on making money. His answers are precisely why I didn't go work for them: 1. "You'd be surprised how many people pay us for the browser." and 2. "We can sell advertisements based on where people browse". I didn't want to work for a place that 1. I'd be surprised we were making money, or 2. Did something I thought was creepy and would therefore fail. or 3. Sent someone dumb to recruit at MIT. Before I interviewed I actually couldn't imagine Netscape failing, after that interview I had a tough time imagining that they could succeed.
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Jan 31, 2011