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P.S. Not to get all Ubuntu fanboi or anything but Wil, I would love to hear how the install went and your opinions on 12.04.
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I believe the day Wil tried to download Ubuntu was on the day that Ubuntu 12.04 was released. You do indeed have to wait hours to download the distribution directly from their servers from the excess of people all trying to simulataneously download it at the same time. In comparision, the more people that download a torrent, the faster it becomes. The fact that a legitimate company like Canonical uses bit torrent files to help spread its operating system is absolutely a good arguement for the positive impact the bit torrent can have. P2P downloading is the absolute right step in the right direction for an increasingly connected world. Sure there may be a lot of people using it to pirate software, but if it wasn't chastized in the media and by the movie/music industries, more companies would probably embrace it and use it for their own legal offerings.
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May 16, 2012