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The timing of Mike's comments about Singleton was comedy gold. Gorman wasn't wrong in what he said, but it's not an exaggeration at all when BigMck says it was "seconds before Pierce went off."
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Ah, very nice. Raptors Republic keeping it very classy with the stroke comments. And for all the talk of him going senile (I've said it myself and I can see why others would), several times a game he'll drop a nugget that makes you go: Damn, this guy really knows his stuff. He's a HOFer for a reason and he's still competent enough to pick up on little things that I won't even notice myself on occasion. And plus, dude has been a Celtic for over 50 years! I'd probably be super biased towards them, too.
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There is a 0% chance the Red Sox sign Aramis Ramirez. Don't think I need to explain this but...players 30+ years old with deteriorating skills (he can hit, but he will have to DH or play 1B as soon as 2013) who are looking for 3-4 year contracts at around 13-20 mill a year do not fit the mold of what the Sox are looking for. In fact, these are the kind of contracts we are trying to avoid. Any team that sings him is signing him for his bat. He isn't adequate enough at 3B for the Sox to consider him in the field, and I'm sure they'd rather have Lavarnway and company manning the DH spot than pay that much for a full-time DH. File this one under: Not in a million years.
By most metrics (including UZR/150), Damon has been a well below-average OF since the early 2000s. He won't make the HOF.
The short answer here is: absolutely not.
Good pitching always beats good hitting...the Padres just don't have good pitching.
Frankly, I can't wait for Big Baby to leave Boston.
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Doesn't everyone remember the Yankees the season after they signed Tex and CC? They were 5 out in May too. What happened? They won the WS.
As Chuck said, should we expect anything classier out of Detroit? Oh, and nice blog JTS. Thing is an unreadable POS.
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Sure, D'Antoni's teams have been the regular season. Everyone knows his style of basketball does not translate to the playoffs, where the half-court offense rules.
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Dec 14, 2010