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Anaheim Historic Colony District, Orange County, California / Disneyland
Blogger, Craftster, Artist, Mother, Advocate and Creator of BellaKarma™
Interests: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, Disneyland, True Blood, Twilight Saga, coffee at midnight, photography
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Photo by Michael Graham It's coming up on seven years since I waved good-bye to Corona del Mar. I still remember driving out of the affluent beach village in my silver VW. My reasons for moving made sense; however, I didn't plan on going back anytime soon, fearing I would... Continue reading
The weeks that followed the miscarriage in October were spent in a daze. My mind was pulled in several directions at once. With the holidays coming up, I was angry at the pressure to put on a happy face. Yet, I decked the halls (as you can see for yourself... Continue reading
I made what is probably my most favorite afghan to date! A bobble stitch granny square blanket named after our Little One! We're keeping her name a secret from social media until she arrives, though. The vision I had in my head of the vintage style took shape exactly how... Continue reading
My mind is blown by the fact that I haven't blogged in over a year! It's a record I never wanted to break. But I think once I share with you what's been going on, you'll understand why the blog was put on the back burner... Yes, Mike and I... Continue reading
Growing up in Southern California, Spanish was as familiar-sounding as surfing slang. And like the surfers' language, I have yet to understand more than few words in Spanish. With the majority of my friends having been Latino and living in predominately Mexican-American neighborhoods for nearly four decades, I figured I'd... Continue reading
Sitting here at the craft table on Wednesday morning waiting for the heatwave that's expected to come on strong in the next couple of hours. It's forecast to last well into next week. Factor in high humidity, dry conditions, and fire season, it's no wonder these extreme SoCal warm-ups stress... Continue reading
Sunday mornings have become my favorite time of the week. Everybody is home. The diet has a day off. Mike and I chill on the couch, drink coffee, and crack up over my iffy fluency of the English language. Yes, I was born here, so don't be fooled if you... Continue reading
Summer always brings the desire to start a new endeavor... Last June I was trying to piece together my new way of living with the way I want to live my life. Twelve months earlier the blog was on course of changing into something different. Presently, I want to pursue... Continue reading
After three long years, I finally finished the All Wrapped Up Afghan a few days ago! And that puts me ahead of schedule of my April Fool-ish Challenge! Which means I should have my second All Wrapped Up Afghan completed by this weekend. Whoa, what's the meaning of this, you... Continue reading
March has been about fierce motivation. Michael and I started the Candida diet on the first, and with ten days in, we already feel and look much healthier! It has a very strict DO NOT EAT & DRINK list, though. We'll be on it for two months, then celebrate our... Continue reading
My daughter's name, Marissa, means of the sea. It's proved to be fitting considering her lifelong obsession with The Little Mermaid (including being a Disney Cast Member at Ariel's Undersea Adventure) and having spent her tween and and teen years living down the street from the ocean. Born and raised... Continue reading
OhMyGoodness! OhMyGoodness! I'm so excited by this post! I've been dreaming of visiting Friday Harbor ever since seeing the movie, Practical Magic! I'm hoping that maybe in the next 18 months or so, I'll get up there. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! :)
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2015 on An unplanned outing at Raven and Sparrow
"Hanging on just holds us back" - learned this quite a bit in the last couple of years. Just in time for a major de-cluttering mission too. ;-) Glad you found the positive in this situation. By the way, found your blog via Posy Gets Cozy. Enjoying it quite a bit!
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2015 on Losing and gaining at Raven and Sparrow
To say I don't get out much is an understatement. During the past thirteen years, even before chronic pain and fatigue caused me to embrace my inner shut-in, I hardly ever ventured farther than walking down the street to the beach. Before moving to Anaheim, a road trip meant driving... Continue reading
This is the new crochet blanket I've started — bright stripes made of single crochet stitches — simple and satisfying! "As I separated my yarn stash back in September, I was storing discarded strands in a little plastic baggie. When I looked at it afterwards, the colors reminded me of... Continue reading
Oh, January — you were easy on me. With bruised ribs, relentless sinuses, and formidable Fibromyalgia, I was fortunate to rest and relax thanks to mom, Marissa, and Michael. But February is upon us, and it's time to get familiar with two-thousand fifteen. My post-Christmas-but-before-New Year's Day tradition used to... Continue reading
This year I am about finishing projects the same year I started 'em. No more three-years-in-the-making-blankets! I just realized for that last statement to be truthful, I have only until April to complete the All Wrapped Up and The Spirit of St. Louis afghans! Um, did I just challenge myself?... Continue reading
I turned forty on the third. And except for my momentary mental breakdown on the pickle aisle (and the frozen food aisle) which resulted in my boyfriend and daughter hugging and reassuring each other while in line to pay that the trip to the grocery store would soon be over,... Continue reading
Christmastime is over and as it has become tradition, there are many who seem to think that New Year's Day signals the first day of spring. The fact is, winter officially arrived about three weeks ago and will stay so until mid-March. So chill out. Of course that's easy for... Continue reading
October is here and the weather forecast for Southern California is: FIRE DANGER. While it seems like the rest of the country is baking pumpkin everything, we're just baking in triple-digit temperatures. I wish for fall to be upon us soon with its gray morning skies...soft yellow glow of afternoon... Continue reading
I had the grandiose goal of finally finishing up all the granny squares for the All Wrapped Up Afghan by the end of Friday night! It didn't seem like a far-fetched idea since it's simply the two rows of white borders that need to get done. And I did pretty... Continue reading
On calendar Autumn is fast approaching, but here in Southern California, summer is getting its second wind. As I write this on Tuesday, we're under another extreme heat advisory. Three days in a row now with it being at least one hundred and six degrees Fahrenheit in Anaheim. So of... Continue reading
Top: Corona del Mar / Bottom: Laguna Beach When my grandparents moved out of my hometown ten and half years ago to join us at the beach, I had absolutely no reason to ever return to where I was born and raised. By that time I had made my escape... Continue reading
A year ago I wrote a post hinting at changes (Changing Into Something Different). Not many of the changes since are what I had planned, though. Now I'm figuring out how to weave together my new way of living with the way I want to live my life — both... Continue reading
Christine ~ Thanks! I can't wait to see the finished project either, lol.