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Anaheim Historic Colony District, Orange County, California / Disneyland
Blogger, Craftster, Artist, Mother, Advocate and Creator of BellaKarma™
Interests: Knitting, crocheting, sewing, Disneyland, True Blood, Twilight Saga, coffee at midnight, photography
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Autumn is officially here! Contrary to popular belief, it didn't start on September 1st, nor will it end the day after Thanksgiving. However, it won't actually feel like fall in Southern California until we have summer, the sequel. Yes, another heatwave is coming next week that can last five days... Continue reading
I found some bunny to love! After twelve years of crocheting, I'm finally trying my hand at amigurumi. There's an idea I have for a hare that I'm super hopped-up on. Thanks to a pattern in The Big Book of Little Amigurumi: 72 Seriously Cute Patterns to Crochet , stitching... Continue reading
Hello Dear Blog Friends, Wow! Look up! That's Emilia Sky celebrating her FIRST birthday on September 4th! Can you believe it? The last time you saw me, I was six months pregnant on the beach. She is the coolest kid and I love her with all my heart! The pregnancy... Continue reading
I still wasn't feeling well earlier today. What a bummer 'cause I was planning on straightening up my studio. It wasn't that much of a mess; however, I wanted to get a handle on it before it became crazy. Some organizing was needed too, in preparation for an addition of... Continue reading
Photo by Michael Graham It's coming up on seven years since I waved good-bye to Corona del Mar. I still remember driving out of the affluent beach village in my silver VW. My reasons for moving made sense; however, I didn't plan on going back anytime soon, fearing I would... Continue reading
The weeks that followed the miscarriage in October were spent in a daze. My mind was pulled in several directions at once. With the holidays coming up, I was angry at the pressure to put on a happy face. Yet, I decked the halls (as you can see for yourself... Continue reading
I made what is probably my most favorite afghan to date! A bobble stitch granny square blanket named after our Little One! We're keeping her name a secret from social media until she arrives, though. The vision I had in my head of the vintage style took shape exactly how... Continue reading
My mind is blown by the fact that I haven't blogged in over a year! It's a record I never wanted to break. But I think once I share with you what's been going on, you'll understand why the blog was put on the back burner... Yes, Mike and I... Continue reading
After three long years, I finally finished the All Wrapped Up Afghan a few days ago! And that puts me ahead of schedule of my April Fool-ish Challenge! Which means I should have my second All Wrapped Up Afghan completed by this weekend. Whoa, what's the meaning of this, you... Continue reading
My daughter's name, Marissa, means of the sea. It's proved to be fitting considering her lifelong obsession with The Little Mermaid (including being a Disney Cast Member at Ariel's Undersea Adventure) and having spent her tween and and teen years living down the street from the ocean. Born and raised... Continue reading
OhMyGoodness! OhMyGoodness! I'm so excited by this post! I've been dreaming of visiting Friday Harbor ever since seeing the movie, Practical Magic! I'm hoping that maybe in the next 18 months or so, I'll get up there. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! :)
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2015 on An unplanned outing at Raven and Sparrow
"Hanging on just holds us back" - learned this quite a bit in the last couple of years. Just in time for a major de-cluttering mission too. ;-) Glad you found the positive in this situation. By the way, found your blog via Posy Gets Cozy. Enjoying it quite a bit!
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2015 on Losing and gaining at Raven and Sparrow
To say I don't get out much is an understatement. During the past thirteen years, even before chronic pain and fatigue caused me to embrace my inner shut-in, I hardly ever ventured farther than walking down the street to the beach. Before moving to Anaheim, a road trip meant driving... Continue reading
This is the new crochet blanket I've started — bright stripes made of single crochet stitches — simple and satisfying! "As I separated my yarn stash back in September, I was storing discarded strands in a little plastic baggie. When I looked at it afterwards, the colors reminded me of... Continue reading
This year I am about finishing projects the same year I started 'em. No more three-years-in-the-making-blankets! I just realized for that last statement to be truthful, I have only until April to complete the All Wrapped Up and The Spirit of St. Louis afghans! Um, did I just challenge myself?... Continue reading
Top: Corona del Mar / Bottom: Laguna Beach When my grandparents moved out of my hometown ten and half years ago to join us at the beach, I had absolutely no reason to ever return to where I was born and raised. By that time I had made my escape... Continue reading
Christine ~ Thanks! I can't wait to see the finished project either, lol.
Hi Johnel (beautiful name, btw)! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! Also thanks for reminding me of how much I enjoyed my try at Tunisian Crochet years ago. Definitely adding your blog to my Feedly! :)
I'm often secretive and don't share what I'm working on until the big reveal. But there's not much fun in that! I enjoy seeing the creative process on other blogs — and I'm sure you do too. Plus the encouragement you give along the way is always a great incentive... Continue reading
I am becoming totally sweet on everything hand-sewing! The blanket stitch? I wanna snuggle up with it! As with knitting and crocheting, I love the repetitive, hypnotic, rhythmic nature of working closely with a needle and thread. Plus, embroidery and cross-stitch are the closest I can get to "drawing" without... Continue reading
The upside of not being on pain medication right now is pinpointing a more accurate baseline of when the pain kicks in — and not to push myself beyond that line. 'Cause I know when I am back on Vicodin, I will be like: "I feel FABULOUS! Let's make ALL... Continue reading
On Tuesday I took all the terrific advice I've been trying to apply — and completely blew it all off. I was cutting, ironing and sewing for four hours straight. It's now Friday, and I can still barely move. But honestly, it was worth it. I'm finally making something for... Continue reading