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Nice job Marc- i just forwarded this out to my fellow Xiotech Bloggers and future Xiotech Bloggers - great insight. Now i need to get my Flip Camera out and start video blogging !! @StorageTexan
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2010 on Vendor Blogging for Dummies at StorageRap
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Ahhh so this is like a RAMSAN. Cache on the front end, and then let the storage controllers do the rest. I get it.
Chuck, Great write up on VPLEX. It looks really really interesting!! From a hardware-agnostic storage point of view what sort of feature overlap would you see between this and maybe a CX or DMX solution? Does VPLEX require the underlying storage systems to replicate or snapshot or does it handle all that itself? What about thin-provisioning, can it do that natively or does it utilize the underlying storage array’s feature? @StorageTexan
Hi my name is Tommy Trogden and I’m a Xiotech Enterprise Architect – this feels oddly like some sort of 12-step program when I do this – less anyone is unsure of where my loyalties lie :) Chuck, I agree with you, some people just can’t appreciate a good RANT. I’m not one of those and thoroughly enjoyed your commentary. You should turn this into a weekly or monthly occurrence!! In particular I love RANT #1 – I couldn’t agree more with you. At the end of the day there are a lot of vendors that have the same “features and functions” whether it’s built in, bolted on, or done a little differently. At the end of the day, it’s all about solving the customers business and technical issues. What’s even more interesting is for every feature a storage vendor puts into their array, the OS/Application manufacture eventually adds it to their solutions. Microsoft rolled in Single Instance Storage (good/bad or indifferent) and native async replication, ZFS has a ton of cool features built into the file system for the various Unix platforms (Native COW Snaps, dynamic striping, dedupe etc), your very own VMWare VSphere 4 has native thin provisioning. It’s getting to the point that the OS and applications vendors are simply adding these features into their platforms almost as quickly as storage vendors are adding “value” into their own. At the end of the day customers are going to be in a great position to figure out just exactly where and how they want to deploy these types of technologies. It’s a consumer “Win-Win” all around. My opinion is eventually it’s going to move away from “bells and whistles” and back to who protects, scales (both capacity and performance) their data the best. I also really liked rant #3 – “if we don’t have it, you don’t need it” – That’s the greatest one ever!! The reverse is even better, “If we HAVE it, then clearly you MUST need it” approach. I run into that a lot and it’s almost comical. Hmm, then again, maybe it’s me and I’m living your “if we don’t’ have it, you don’t need it” approach. I think I’ll need to grab a beer and contemplate that a little more. So, again NICE JOB on the blog post. How you crank these out as quickly as you do is beyond me. As a newbie in the blogging arena I’m always in awe of those that have been doing it as long as you have. Thanks, @Xio_Tommyt www.StorageTexan.Com
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2010 on My Friday Rant at Chuck's Blog
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Jan 24, 2010