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Gabriel Stoutimore
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i gotta say hangeland looked very mistake prone today. very uncharacteristic.
I don't think the harmful effects of bullying are truly magnified enough in society. The short-term damage is sometimes catastrophic, as in the case you mentioned. I also think the subconscious damage we carry with us into adulthood is pretty harmful as well. It is actually incredible how much of my habit and mentality is defined by past experiences, and even today at 24 years old working on a master's degree in another country, far removed from the bullying of junior high, I sometimes catch myself feeling like I am no better than the bullying kids in year 7 said I was...very compelling stuff, Bill. Very sad as well. When I have my own kids someday, I am determined to instill in them self-confidence and compassion for those around them!
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Mar 31, 2010