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The thought is good, but upon reading the anti-texting bill it has the same problems as the one filed last year. You could be cited for texting while driving if you are pulled over at the side of the road and not moving. There is no provision in this bill that the vehicle be in motion to be in violation. Technically every UPS and FedEx driver would be guilty hundreds of times a day of violating this law due to data entry while stopped and not legally parked. This bill needs to be amended before it moves forward.
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Poll Watcher- There are two sets of numbers because we release the raw statistics along with the scientifically weighted statistics, they aren't supposed to match. Stu- We are a non-partisan company, we have not supported Charlie Crist in any way, and we do not intend to support any specific politician. We simply run the polls and report the results.
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We decided not to offer "undecided" as an option in the poll, in order to force a choice. The next time we run this poll we will probably put "undecided" in as an option to see how the results will change. We did not poll "likely" voters, in fact the word "likely" does not appear anywhere in our poll release, so I am not sure why it is mentioned that way in this story. We polled only recent "active" voters, Democrats who voted in the 2010 general election or the 2012 primary election. We did go to great efforts to ensure an representational geographical sample for this poll, using proportional samples of random Democratic voters from each of the 120 state house districts in Florida. Our track record as a polling organization is not very long, we have only been polling for a few years, and we only started publicly releasing some of our poll results last year. But our 2012 Presidential Preference Primary results, and the 2012 Primary election results were shown to be quite accurate when compared to the official final results of those elections, so we feel that those results have helped to validate our methods. Now, we look forward to seeing how our 2012 general election poll results will stack up in November.
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Sep 10, 2012