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Wil, The StarFleet poodles, Pat and Ken wanted to wish you Happy Anniversary too. We were in Napa the same weekend. We know all of the good local places to eat food. Happeness is good. Pat and Ken
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Wil, I had to add to this. Seeing that we have the three poodles, Tasha, Data and Will Riker, l can relate. Tasha and Data are Mom and Dad to Will. Will can be a brat. Before he was two, his favorite job was to take my panties, yup, and chew them up. Not the cheap kind, nooooo, Victorias Secret panties. The boy pooped cloth after doing it. Caught him and made him wear what was left. The other thing he still likes to do and so does his brother Smudge, is put his toys in the toilet. Have to watch before going in our house. Having dogs is the best, Pat
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2009 on an all too familiar scene at WWdN: In Exile
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