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You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. The VAB down at KSC couldn't hold everyone who works for NASA. (And it's like, you know, one of the largest buildings in the world?) "...the mechanic whose job it was to paint the fuel tanks white"? One little guy, right? One little guy with a couple of buckets of paint... Silly question, but, why would you hire a "mechanic" to paint something in the first place? Seriously, one little guy? I'm guessing NASA didn't employ anyone to paint those early fuel tanks. I'm guessing they were originally painted by employees of Lockheed Martin, who assembles the tanks in Louisiana. Where all the employees of Lockheed Martin called into this big assembly room too? And exactly how many "cans of white paint" does it take to totally coat one of those things? Boy. Sounds like somebody out there must really take us all for a bunch of idiots.
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Jun 27, 2010