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I was with you until point 6. If I was asked to do that I would politely decline and carry on looking elsewhere for work. It seems more like a talent show audition than anything useful for me (the interviewee). I can see how it may be of value to the employer, plus the unwritten benefit of the occasional cringeworthy and uncomfortable presentation. That's one of the reasons why shows like America's got Talent are so popular after all right? I'd much rather be put on the spot and have my area of expertise tested in a Q&A format so I can't just cherry-pick my strong points. Maybe it's because I am more introverted, although still fine communicating and getting along with people. I wouldn't have applied to a role that needed me to present as part of the job in the first place so I certainly wouldn't expect it as part of an interview process. Anyway, I'd be happy with any company doing the first 5 suggestions if I applied there.
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Mar 5, 2012