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Book loon. Occasional llama.
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I haven't read it in ages (and only once), so I may be unduly harsh - but I remember it being really... silly: sort of a gimmicky short story that got over-extended into a brief novel. I will definitely re-read and report back, I don't want to slander a JDM!
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From the British Fantasy Society to mozzarella sticks. Continue reading
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Acquisitions from the big bad city. Continue reading
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Congratulations to David Thomas Moore! Continue reading
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The last one of these for a while: 1. Dead Ends - Erin Lange 2. When Patty Went to College - Jean Webster 3. The Mucker and The Return of the Mucker - Edgar Rice Burroughs 4. The Champion -... Continue reading
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The slightly belated round-up of September's reading. Continue reading
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The latest episode of One Comic features Jon, Bex, Wytches and general creepiness. Continue reading
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Nice point. I'm always sad I never learned how to play that, actually. Maybe the Bloodbowl tie-in fiction will scratch that itch. Which is a weirdly specific itch.
There's a crazy enthusiasm that helps propel the book from one SUPER-AWESOME moment to the next. Continue reading
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Another long flight; another arbitrary ranking. Continue reading
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Congratulations to Kim Curran and GLAZE! Continue reading
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In fairness, High Life had some pretty cute infographics about weather words and Washington DC dining. But, um, yeah.
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That's a lovely idea! It may be that Give a Book have one set up already - it is worth dropping them a line at: Or keep stockpiling! We're looking at organising another one, maybe January-ish!
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Presented without comment. Well, with limited comment. Continue reading
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You're all awesome people. Well done! Continue reading
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Thank you very much! Ken Hites' columns are very much a role model (in many ways!). But I love finding random bits like this when I'm moseying through old books, and I'm glad you enjoy them too!
"Tom is impressed with the imaginative, creative posters displayed on the wall." Continue reading
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Beauty and the beast! The lady or the tiger! Kirsty Logan's The Rental Heart and Adam Roberts' Bête - two thought-provoking books about well... you'll see. Continue reading
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"All those, young or old, who love a fine adventurous tale, beautifully told, will take "The Hobbit" to their hearts." Continue reading
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Books coming and going - win a copy of Irregularity and clear your shelves for charity! Continue reading
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Thanks Steve! That's fantastic insight into JDM's thinking. I'm definitely keen to see the film, as I think the two characters he added were Jason and Lois, the central love interests. Which is fascinating, as that's the decision that puts the 'real' plot (Jenny/Judy Garland) into the background. It is also a bit of a wasted opportunity: I can't remember JDM ever writing a book with a central female character, and Jenny Crawford would've been a very intriguing one to try. The cover is from the UK edition (the Hale hb - which I think is the only version besides the Gold Medal first with the tie-in cover... and I still can't get my paws on that one, but will someday). I'll check out A Flash of Green - likewise, it has been years, so I may be unfairly dismissive. I think (and I'm going to eat these words), I thought it was too long - JDM does the 'good man caught by market manipulations' plot very well, but this felt unduly padded out. And the ending was too grim for me. That said, now I want to reread it. And I didn't know there was a film, so that's going on the list as well! Thanks! I think my actual least favourite is Area of Suspicion which I have almost completely purged from my memory.
The lost MacDonald and first American mystery novel. What a pair. Continue reading
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