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We write a website that explores the art of street photography & street photography workshops
Interests: We are interested in all aspects of Street Photography especially information on Street Photography Workshops
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We set up a website to discuss aspects of street photography in August this year because of lots of these comments that have been made in the comments to this post. Street photography is just a name that has become accepted for a genre of photography it could be urban photography it could be anything but once a name sticks to a genre changing that naming convention would need lots of people to collectively decide that a new name had more relevance or they invent a new genre that there images more closely fit within. This is why we are still using street photography as a genre name for a particular type of photography. It is a name that has had academic and museum endorsement yet that was a while ago (1960's and 1970's) and for some this means that it might be in need of a fresh approach. This is were the flickr groups come in because they are photographers just doing it and at some point the work will get seen. As it is important to document our society and how it looks, at every opportunity. Because, if we do not visually produce records/documents/images of what we are doing and looking like we lose this information and it will become easier for us to be manipulated by the elites of our societies. This is the power of street photography yet it is rarely mentioned, that we can see the world though the vision of everyone that practices this art and that vision is accumulative as the more practitioners of the art of street photography the more we build a library of images that show how life is being lived at any one point in time.
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Nov 28, 2012