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A friend of mine went through a phobia program and they started with very tiny baby steps. They also gave their phobia some kind of physical manifestation that they could mock when they were kicking butt (or attempting to kick butt, or what have you). So, maybe instead of throwing yourself headlong into the thing that is freaking you out, start with tiny steps like looking at the title of the song on your phone, or something. For her it was flying, and she would do little things like drive by the airport or sit and watch planes when they flew overhead, etc. Then she slowly upped the ante. Her physical manifestation for her phobia was a toy dinosaur that, if I remember correctly, she named the Dread Pirate Roberts. :) When she finally flew for the first time she brought it with and made it look out the window like, "Ha! See?! I'm up here and you can't scare me!" :)
As a novelist desperately trying to make a career out of my writing, when I hear about stuff like Ruth's book or ebooks being downloadable for free from pirate sites I feel practically homicidal. Just when is this entitlement age going to end?! Respect the copyright, folks, and the fact that people can't make a living if you're stealing their stuff!
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