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I totally understand where you are coming from Wil. We are about the same age I am really surprised with the younger generation these days. It's as if they don't even understand that you only get out of life what you put into it. Of course, I have met many young folks who aren't like that at all and understand that success only comes from hard work. But lately that seems more like the exception and not the rule.
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Hey Wil! I don't know if you have the bike thing worked out but I spent a few years in the Bike industry and have tried out most bike styles. For riding in Pasadena I would recommend a "cross" bike. Riding around Pasadena on a mountain bike would not be the easiest/funnest thing to ride on the streets. And unless you are dead set on riding the sandy trails we have around here a Mountain Bike won't do you much good. At the same time I definately wouldn't buy a road bike if the last thing you were comfortable riding was a BMX. TBH riding on those skinny tires means you go real fast and never feel very "safe". A cross bike is like the best of both worlds. You get the ease of riding a bike with bigger wheels (700c like a road bike) but the fatter tires for a more stable/smooth ride. In town either go see Steve at Open Road on Sierra Madre or the guys down at Incycle. Incycle will have more high end stuff and therefore be more $$. But there service is great and so is there selection. Steve has EVERYTHING at Open Road but be sure to tell him what you are looking for because his store is huge and it looks like a bomb went off in it. So finding something specific will be nigh impossible with out his help. And Steve is the only one ever there. See you on the road!
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Okay this is the real me. =P Strolan007 is the yahoo me. Didn't realize I had to sign in to have a available email!
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Dec 17, 2010