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Stuart Pickles
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Dorrell????? Would that be the Receivers coach who is now a first year rookie Quarterback coach? And assuming so he is wanted by some of you to be the Interim Head Coach to replace Sparano??? Talk about 'changing deckchairs on the Titanic'? ALL the coaches must go with the probable exception of Nolan.
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Well thats one of my bankers gone down the drain.Looks like with Buffalo playing well the only match Miami might win is Kansas.1-15 here we coma again. What about Miami Muppets as the new franchise name?
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I see the Dolphins winning no more than 4 games this season.Cleveland is one of my 'bankers'. If they lose this one..bad bad news,guys
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Of course the Dolphins cut Murtha,Colombo and Sapp.....can we cut Sparano and Ireland too while we are at it?
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Remind me how good Carolina were last year and while you scratching your head tell me how did Daboll-ocks perform in Cleveland? Mmmmm Dolphins are in for a losing season,end of!
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Aug 22, 2011