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Stuart Thiel
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@Alexei You're dead on. Every application opens faster. Every build is faster. Every run of my full test suite is faster (we got a bump from 30 minutes to 5 minutes on a big suite that we were running every few minutes). I have, currently, between a ton of SSDs on various machines that I manage/own. The oldest, at two years old, appeared to have trouble when windows died during an update, but none of my data was lost and I reformatted and kept going just fine (replacing the primary drive with a second Gen SSD that was bigger). Of these drives, I have two 60GB OCZ Vertex at 3 and 2.5 years. Both have seen some heavy development/test use. I have 100GB OCZ Vertex/Agillity (not sure which) running as an repo server (that is backed up onto platteR) that sees heavy read and write, and it is about 2-2.5 years old. I have a OCZ Vertex 60GB running in a laptop that sees not much usage, save when I travel. I have OCZ Agility 120GB (maybe a second gen, don't recall) running on a server hosting a large webapp (which has super light traffic and everything is in memory anyway) for over a year (traffic picking up, knock on wood). I have another 120GB OCZ Agility running on a backup server for 3 months that has not much usage. Yet another OCZ 100GB running as the main drive on a server that hosts a few small web applications, email for a few dozen clients and a boatload of static web pages, but it's not moved into production (it is one year old, my old platter based system partially-croaked and I'm migrating it now) I also have 3 large servers running raided intel SSDs (not sure which). Oddly, the OCZ drives were awful in this setup, and the intels performed several times better. These servers are over a year old and one of them sees a ton of traffic and has regular small, manual writes (backup dumps to SSD because it's fast and I want little/no downtime, then copied to platter and erased). Also, when I game it's nuts. The performance boost of a faster disk is the biggest speed jump I've seen since I moved from a 486 to a pentium. I missed the hints in Fallout 3 because the load screen blinked by too fast (glad I read online about the pip-boy light). Jumping to a different solar system in eve is hugely faster as it loads everything almost immediately (even when I jump into Jita at prime time). I easily save a couple hours a day, whether I'm at work or at play.
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Jun 1, 2011