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Well, you could always increase the possible operating temperature by using an engine alloy that has transfers heat at a much lower rate, reducing premature combustion, and by removing nitrogen from the air you could run such an engine at higher temperatures without nasty pollutants either, in fact there would be less harmful pollutants and the increase in efficiency simply from being hotter. This is all very promising, but definitely needs a lot of work and improvement if it is going to go to market and be competitive. Also, to remove the nitrogen easily and quickly, I have created an innovative type of filter:
Although new types of vehicles are promising and can recreate our roadways, I see the US producing much higher quality, more fuel efficient cars in the interim period, mastering further the internal combustion engine. While those in the appropriate areas work on new kinds of engines, it wouldn't hurt to improve our current gasoline engines, such as I have suggested and found a way to do, as I state in this video:
irregardless of improvements seen, we can always improve the gas engine section of hybrid systems to make them more efficient, I have developed one possible way: Aside from that, this looks very promising, certainly better than the pneumatic systems that have been proposed, although I imagine such as system has a relatively low MTBF, and high maintenance cost.
While many of the proposed ways, both in the article and comments and elsewhere, of increasing efficiency, improving performance and getting more from less, many of these things are relatively minor improvements. We should be looking towards and addressing some of the more profound and difficult issues with carbon based fuels, such as the limited efficiency of heat engines and how that is so closely linked with the operating temperature. The following link is something I have invented that could help increase the operating temperature of internal combustion engines.
Irregardless of the fuel type, we should be looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency. No matter how we create or obtain fuel, using less of it is always better. And yes, ethanol is only slightly more efficient than gasoline, but because its source is not OPEC, it is in the long term interests of the United States to pursue this fuel, being reliant on yourself is much better than depending on people you have shaky relations with. Also, please, please, please follow this link if you know anybody in the business of improving fuel efficiency, as I have invented something that could help greatly with that.
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Jan 21, 2011