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Sue Kazarian
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At least you can create things in the first place. I'm trying NaNo this year and... not doing so well. And my health and mana bars were full to begin with. I think I was born nerfed. See if I ever pick this stupid class again. I had a group I was RPing with, but two of them are off at college and one is an almost-sort-of-semi-famous musician with no time for us silly nerds. That leaves our GM and I, which doesn't make for a great gaming experience. We have two other friends that are sort of interested, but I don't know how serious they'd be about it. Past experiences have been bad. (No matter how funny it was when one of them tried to name their twi'lek scoundrel Howard Wolowitz.) It's comforting to know my idols are as lonely as I am sometimes. Like cooler versions of myself. I mean like... a dude with a sweet beard and not a whiny, teenage girl, but still.
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Nov 11, 2010