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"But for now, Person Who Is Angry With Me, I’m going to step away and spend the day with my wife and our sons, and be grateful that there isn’t a very wealthy man spending the money he earns with his very profitable and popular fast food restaurant trying to make us less of a family." There is. Buffet, Soros, Obama and every other wealthy democrat spend lots of money and propose laws that try to make my family into the leftist idea of a "model family" - on welfare, and dependent upon your betters for every little thing, and entitle by the govt to the work of others- a form of slavery. They spend lots of money trying to get rid of "Bitter clingers" like myself - you believe in limited govt, individual liberty and Voluntary transactions in a free market. And the "unpopular" notion we are discussing here is Gay Marriage. It has been voted down by a Majority, almost every time its be put to a vote. That makes YOUR opinion the unpopular one, Mr Wheaton. You have the right to hold that opinion. You don't have the right to use govt force to impose it on everyone else. I have an inalienable right to be a "Bigot", Mr. Wheaton. So does everyone else. If Gays wanted equal access to a civil contract, they would have taken "Civil Unions" and been done with it. After all a rose by any other name would still be a rose, right? But what if you are not a rose, but want to be mistaken for one? Then you insist on calling it Marriage. What if you want to force people to treat you like a rose, when you are not one? Then you insist on calling it "Marriage" The only victory Gays could actually win is actually being seen and accepted as roses, but they do NOTHING at all to fight that hard battle, preferring fascist tactics and coercion to actual acceptance. The Irish were once marginalized and treated as second class citizens. They are not anymore. Understanding that change could prove instructive for the Gay community, only they aren't interested. "Bigotry" isn't permanent, but holding a gun to people's heads and demanding that they "Accept" you, because being "tolerated" isn't good enough isn't going to win any converts.
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"if you’re a heterosexual couple, be very grateful that tens of thousands of people didn’t get together in the last few days to tell you that the love you feel is not just wrong, but it’s evil. It should be marginalized, and you should be a second-class citizen because of it." A non-apology if I ever saw one. 1) The event was more in reaction to Leftist bullies (Bloomberg and others) trying to persecute a CEO for holding an opinion using government force- that is a form of fascism. 2) People have a right to express their own opinions- even ones you disagree with, and each individual has a right to shun you if they so choose 3) The push for Gay Marriage isn't about having equal access to a civil contract. Its about trying to use government coercion to force others act as you think they should, in complete disregard for their rights of association. If the majority thin your relationship should be marginalized, getting a law that says otherwise won't change that. 4) Most Gay Activists I have met want these things for revenge - to get back at those "haters" and make that plain as day. They have no interest in Marriage as such, or in playing by the rules of that club. If it makes people who don't like them uncomfortable or angry, the mission is accomplished. 5) If you are interviewing someone for a country club membership, and the first thing he does at the interview is start wacking off and spouting crude language, you probably don't approve the membership. Marriage is the same way. The day I see Gay men walking in a Pride Parade in Business suits and demanding respect, is the day I start taking their request seriously. You are free to love and be with anyone you want as far as I am concerned. You are entitled and have a right to do so. However you are not entitled to the Approval of others, via laws, a civil contract, or otherwise, and fascist attempts to force such are both futile and will be met with the derision and marginalization they deserve. If you want to change people's minds, then treating others with respect is a good place to start, and walking around naked in parades and offending the sensibilities of others ( no matter how righteous your cause) is not going to garner the results you are after. Characterizing your opposition mindless haters is not a good place to start. When this debate started I was sympathetic, but the behavior and tactics used have convinced me that I don't want these people in my club. Ever. If that makes me a "hater" so be it. Homosexuals as a group (and their supporters (that is you Mr Wheaton )act like dicks.
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Aug 7, 2012