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It's really disappointing to see Milo lie so easily. She was very clearly against marriage equality in order to obtain the Cuban Republican vote and now she wants gay votes and $$$. "She's against the government performing weddings for anyone, male or female, straight or gay." WTF? That's the same position as the Tea Party and the same as those who say "We can't possibly allow gay marriage and attack our sacred heterosexual marriages. But we support another separate but equal institution." But the reality is there is no such thing. It would take thousands of years to pass the hundreds of thousands of individual laws in order to replicate a totally copycat institution to marriage for all humans. No one has ever proposed an actual path to achieve this because it is totally ludicrous.
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Why is the military being allowed to police itself? Hello? Several years ago an almost identical murder occurred. A gay talk radio host, Mike Webb, reported about it and tried to get someone to investigate. At the time, another gay soldier had been on some kind of perimeter patrol and was murdered. Everyone is afraid to call the military on these crimes because they will be labelled a "traitor".
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