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1 reply Pitbulls advocates routinely lie. They cover up maulings and NEVER speak of Darla Napora and others like her who tried to sell the its the owner not the breed mantra to others and was viciously attacked and killed by her own pitbull that she lovingly raised from a puppy. Mortality, Maiming and Mauling by Vicious Dogs is a study of animal injuries in hospitals published in Annals of Surgery April 2011. It found that you have a more than 2500 times higher chance of dying if attacked by a pitbull instead of a Labrador retriever. It also found that people are losing a body PART to a pitbull mauling every 4-5 days now. Even if you threw out 2/3's of all pitbull attacks because of some freak determination that they got the breed wrong, pitbulls would still be the top killer and it is family loved, unabused pitbulls that are mauling people. These dogs turn on a dime without warning. Pitbull bans are advocated by PETA to protect humans, and pets, and to stop the breed/kill cycle of pitbulls. Pitbull bans are overwhelming effective (see Denver Colorado's stats, or Council Bluffs, Idaho. Remember pitbulls don't bite, they maul and kill. The severity of the dogs attack warrant regulation as an incident with a pitbull is an emergency. You cannot classify it as a simple bite and release dog bite. Think about it. You put up a smoke alarm, try to buy a car with a high safety rating, and then you deliberately put the dog with the highest incidence of turning on its owners, and the most lethal tenacity in its style of attack into your home. Is this rational? No. Pick a safer breed; don't accept the deed. The issue of higher gang criminal activity in cities witout pitbull bans is also ignored by pitbull advocates. In addition, the millions of pounds of pitbulls that are euthanized is ignored. Miami Dade's ban is safer for residents and cheaper as the public is not paying enourmous sums to house and euthanize pitbulls. 50 to 70 percent of all pitbulls are brought into the shelters to be euthanized VOLUNTARILY by their owners as a lot of people have trouble with this breed. Overbreeding and promoting an animal to meet its death only benefits one group: Dog fighters. The Miami Dade ban is more humane and protects residents and tourists. The ban was enacted because people were irrepairably shredded by pitbull dogs. It was decided to be for the greater good of all to protect residents from this random mayhem as pitbulls don't bite and release like other breeds, they maul. The pitbull cult loyalists who grow up following "celebrities" on reality t.v. don't comprehend that reality t.v. is not reality. They just want to belong to something and feel cool. Logic, intelligence, and respect for others is thrown out the window. Children are now growing up in the USA that are so facially mutilated with missing eyes and scalps that they will never go to a prom. How can any commissioner think this mayhem should be tolerated? The right to life and liberty should not be trumped by the selfish want of some to own a vicious breed of dog. Any commissioner who supports the eradication of the ban is doing so for selfish reasons. Any commissioner who supports the repeal of the ban will have blood on their hands in a very short time. Pitbulls maul at random, and they maul often.
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Feb 18, 2012