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As has been pointed out, I'm sure, is that you are correct that everyone has filled out a number of labels, but that conventions vary to a rather large degree. Case in point would be my (anonymised) address in Danish standard form: Sune Mølgaard Somestreet 1, 2. -3 8000 Århus C Denmark signifying Somestreet 1, 2nd level, room 3 in 8000 Århus C, Denmark Good luck, even with your RegEx-fu, to get anything meaningful out of addresses entered verbatim *in the convention of the native country of the user* and, mind you, your example holds so very poorly, if some American relative was to be so helpful as to write my address in the Danish standard form to help the Danish postal services - renowned for their bad service - since the U.S. one would only have to look at the "Denmark" part to ship it most of the way. As, I'm sure, has been pointed out, the only situations where you can get away with geocentrism are the ones where your service is indeed, and solely, centered around a specific geographical location. Can you come up with an example?
Commenting on a year-old post is almost always sure to yield no reply-gratification, but I'd like to relay an experience... Here in Denmark, the government has laid out some goals for how the lesser governmental bodies might leverage technology, and most have failed miserably... Case in point is my complaint to the municipality a few years ago, that the current email handling was hopelessly outdated, and that the insistence of publishing some vital documents in the Word (-somthing) format was in direct contradiction of the goals. Give two weeks, when an email arrives in my inbox, signed by a Mayors aide, with no text but an attachment in an old word-format, that basically states that they try their best. Said word-file had no less than 4 macros that OpenOffice complained about (and they were poorly written at that as well). I cannot accept that public officials send word processor documents instead of presentation documents, if they even find it necessary, but to ship a word document that relied on poorly written macros, in response to a complaint about not complying with open standards just blows my mind. Clearly, for any change to be made, we have to acknowledge that the people working for the powers that be, are, in all likelihood, just ordinary people, who have no clue whatsoever with regards to anything computerbased...
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Sep 20, 2010