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I think a lot of one's enjoyment of required books is dependent on the teacher. Senior year was rough for me and one of the things that helped me survive was my English teacher and the way she taught (specifically Hamlet). I adore that play. But other years the reading was just painful and yes resentful. Reading should be FUN. It'd be nice if more schools would remember that.
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We call those "work-mares" and on the rare occasion I have one I'm very very grateful that I almost never remember my dreams. 'Cuz it would suck to remember them more often. Mine are either the "my crew isn't doing what I say" variety, or the "oh crap I have to direct/TD this show and my rundown/scripts/etc aren't marked." (i.e. I'm not prepared) Although there was one once where I was all set to go, but the buttons on the switcher (think computer keyboard times 1000, every button is different, we have to know what all the buttons do) had lost their labels so I had to punch the entire show while trying to remember which button was which.
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May 14, 2012